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      Flame retardant and
      UV-resistant fabric
      Anti-oil, water proo...
      Wool-like fabric
      Acid and alkali resi...
      Water proofing and a
      PTFE film
      Camouflage fabric
      Multi-functional lam...
      Polyester cotton ant
      Winter fire resistan
      Fire resistant cover
      FR water&oil repelle...
      FR long sleeve T-shi
      Winter FR water&oil ...
      Cotton nylon FR cove
      Work trousers
      FR denim suit
      Action trousers
      About Us

      Xinxiang wordbest patron saint Co., Ltd. was originally an experimental factory of the People's Liberation Army of China. It is the only designated production enterprise in Henan Province for military bedding products and military supplies materials. It has participated in multiple tests of new materials from the Military Supplies Equipment Research Institute for many times and supply large quantities of finished products to the troops. It has many years of experience in producing materials and clothes for the military. Our company mainly produces multiple series of products, including military uniforms, special functional clothes, special functional fabrics, tents, portable equipment, masks, etc. and obtained the qualification of Mobilization Center for the National Defense Economic Mobilization Material In 2014 .The company has obtained the standard certifications for ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational safety and health management system.

      The company is located in Xinxiang National high-tech Industrial Development Zone, and is a "Henan Province high-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Civilized Unit", "Top 50 Textile and Clothing Enterprises in Henan Province", " Quality Trustworthy Unit in Henan Province", " Functional Membrane Engineering Technology Research Center in Henan Province", " Designated Labor Protection Equipment Manufacturer in Henan Province", and "Key Protected Enterprise of Xinxiang Municipal Government". The company has one dyeing and finishing factory, three clothing factories, and one medical device production factory, and has supporting functional material laboratories and testing centers, medical device testing centers, and provincial engineering technology research and development centers, which can test various physical, chemical, and special functional indicators of fabrics and medical devices.

      In early February 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic was at its most severe and epidemic prevention supplies were most scarce, our company urgently resumed work and production to rush to produce epidemic prevention supplies such as isolation suits, medical protective suits, and masks, which make sure the supply for troops in Wuhan and other places. In June 2020, our company was selected as one of the ten mask suppliers of the whole army in China, and was selected as a national emergency reserve enterprise for medical supplies in October 2020.

      Our company has a strong scientific research and development strength, complete production and testing equipment, advanced technology, and have established a scientific modern management system. Our company operate in compliance with laws, regulations, and integrity, constantly improve product performance and quality, make every effort to do a good job in logistical support for the military, and strive to make new and greater social contributions to the modernization of the army and local.


      Copyright(C)2012,Xinxiang Worldbest Patron Saint Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by  ChinaTexNet TexWeb Toocle Copyright Notice

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